Dr. Giscombe and Associates, P.A.

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Raleigh, NC 27607

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Dr. G at Blue Ridge Dental is awesome! I have a severe gag reflex and anxiety and recently had to change dentists because of a change in insurance. He was so patient and kind and did my cleaning himself! It was the most gentle cleaning I've ever had. He did not rush me or make me feel silly. He even did some acupressure to help them get my x-rays. They file and take almost every insurance. Office manager Jennifer is sweet as can be and works patiently with you to file claims and explain benefits. It's a small office and feels like family. New patients get FREE TEETH WHITENING FOR LIFE with new full exam. They'll take impressions right there for customized whitening trays. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!! (Joyce H.)

I hadn't been to the dentist in a long time. During my first visit I had x-rays and a cleaning. X-rays are never fun, but Michelle made it an enjoyable experience. Liz did a great job on the cleaning! Two of my crowns were in pretty bad shape, and I expected to talk about that during this visit. Dr. G confirmed they needed to be replaced and gave me the reasons why - I appreciated that. I went back again the following week for the first of two appointments for the crowns. I hate needles and was nervous about the whole procedure. Dr. G and Michelle were very kind, patient, and gentle during the whole process and I am very happy with the new crowns! I highly recommend Dr. G and his staff. And I'm even looking forward to seeing them again for a regular cleaning next spring! (Emily D.)

Who would have thought you could actually ENJOY getting a filling!?!  I didn't think it was possible, but yesterday I had my first real filling done...and I had to do two at once...so you can say I was a little nervous.  But Dr. G and the entire staff at BRDC are so welcoming, comforting and personable, and you can tell Dr. G really is fantastic at what he does.  The overall experience is everything you could ever want in a healthcare provider!  I honestly look forward to going to the dentist and I know I'm in good hands!  (Allison S.)

Blue Ridge Dental Care is fantastic.  They calm your fears about going to the dentist and provide a wide range of services to meet all your dental needs.  I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!  Go team!!!  (Dion O.) 

Super personable, efficient and didn't keep me waiting.  Great visit!  (Scott G.)

I'm very happy with this dental office! (Pat M. P.) 

Great office and staff! Wonderful atmosphere and really quick service. (Tony H.) 

Dr. G is the best!!!! Don't waste your time going anywhere else!!!  I was a hygienist for 16 years- I would know.  (Erin S.)

I love my dental care providers, I really mean love.  Everyone makes sure that you know that this is more than just coming to the dentist.  You feel the genuine love and concern about you.  Now as far as the dental care, don't be surprised if you forget because you were busy reuniting with the family, the office will have that part covered.  This is important for me because I was not a fan of dental checkups but did them out of practice of striving for optimal health.  Well, Blue Ridge Dental staff and especially Dr. Giscombe will have you covered!  Give them a try, you'll see what all the hype is about and be glad you did.  (Christina G.)

I am greatly indebted to you Dr. Ku because of what you have done for me. I needed an upper partial for several years and no other dentist took the initiative to help me in this regard. You took it upon yourself to undertake the difficult and exacting job of providing this for me. Not only did you initiate the provision of the upper partial, but you provided me with a new replacment of my old and damaged lower partial. I never even requested this because of my lack of success in my previous requests. I more or less resigned myself to the fact that the status quo would prevail. You will never be forgotten by me not only for your sincerity in providing and satisfying a need, but for your professionalism and expertise and patience in completing a very difficult procedure. When I verbally expressed my thanks, you replied "I am only doing my normal job that I am required to do". Sincerely and with much thanks. (Albert P.)

Dr. Ku, thank you for taking care of me when I was in pain. I was so nervous because I didn't know what to except and frankly have not had much positive experience at the dentists. But you changed all that. Not only did you help me with my tooth pain but you were so patient and gentle I feel like I have no reason to fear the dentist anymore. My teeth are feeling so much better and I am so glad you are my dentist now, thank you. (Sizuko H.)

I have been to many dentists in my life time, never have I once felt at ease except at your office. Many a times in the past I felt pressured into doing treatments without understanding the reasons behind them but you listened to my concerns, took the time to explain my treatments in detail and took great care of me. I truly thank you for your honesty and your gentle touch. I can now smile and eat with confidence! Thank you. (Amy K.)