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When Is A Root Canal Necessary?

By Blue Ridge Dental Care
January 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canal  

When a tooth becomes very sensitive and painful, that is one of the first signs that you should see a dentist for a thorough checkup and X-root canalrays. Your dentist at Blue Ridge Dental Care in Raleigh, NC Dr. Ajamu Giscombe can repair and save that aching tooth with a treatment called root canal therapy. Learn when a root canal is necessary and what to expect at your appointment.

Root Canal Therapy
The outer covering of a healthy tooth is relatively strong and resilient, but over time it can become vulnerable to decay. When that happens, the only solution in many cases is root canal therapy. As the name suggests, the treatment targets the diseased and inflamed canals inside of the tooth. The procedure includes removal of bad nerve tissue, a complete cleansing of the inside of the tooth, then protecting the tooth with a crown. Root canal therapy is highly effective at allowing patients to keep their teeth and avoid dental extraction.

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?
Here are a few signs that you may need your Raleigh, NC dentist to perform a root canal treatment:

- Strong intense pain emanating from a tooth that causes headaches and jaw discomfort.
- Inability to eat or drink on one side of your mouth.
- Boils and other growths on the gumline near a tooth, which may indicate the presence of a dental abscess.
- Bad breath that persists after you thoroughly brush and rinse your teeth.

Root Canal Aftercare
After a root canal, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you won't have to deal with that toothache anymore. Avoid chewing on the newly repaired tooth for a few hour to give it time to heal. Contact your dentist if you have any concerns and schedule a follow-up appointment. Also, if you want to avoid root canals in the future, you have to make good oral hygiene a new habit.

Find Out if You Need This Treatment
Dr. Ajamu Giscombe heads up the dental team at Blue Ridge Dental Care in Raleigh, NC. He will check your X-rays and examine your tooth to see if you may need a root canal. Call his office at 919-781-3862 today to schedule a visit.